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Gardenias like soil that is rich in nutrients. Add plenty of organic matter to the soil such as peat moss or manure to enhance the growth of your plant.

Gardenias perform best in day temperatures of °F (°C) and night temperatures of °F (°C). Flower buds will fail to form if the ideal temperature for Gardenias is not Hardiness: What's My Zone? Jan 04, If you prune your gardenia bush with shears before it’s finished blooming, you could cause damage to the growing blooms.

Instead, plan on pruning your gardenia bush after the blooming season is over, but before the daytime temperature falls below 65 °F (18 °C).

You'll know it's time to prune the bush once see the flowers begin to fade%. Sep 30, Gardenia Plant Zones. Gardenias (Gardenia jasminoides) are an evergreen shrub known for their soft, white blooms and intoxicating sweet fragrance. Gardenia can be grown outdoors in U.S. Department. A gardenia bush typically opens its main flush of blooms over several weeks in late spring and early summer.

Flowers unfurl alabaster white into perfectly shaped corsages. The problem is, blooms don't stay white for long.

After a week or so, the oldest blooms turn yellow and then brown and remain on the shrub even as new flowers open. Jun 22, Gardenias are grown for their large, sweetly fragrant flowers and glossy evergreen foliage.

They are meant for warm climates and sustain substantial damage when exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees F. (-9 C.). Most cultivars are hardy only in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 and warmer, but there are some cultivars, labeled as cold-hardy, that. Jan 05, Gardenias are beloved for their heady fragrance and waxy white blossoms that present a striking contrast to the deep green foliage.

They are heat-loving evergreens, native to tropical Africa, and are best grown in USDA plant hardiness zones 10 and Cold hardy gardenias are available in commerce, but that doesn’t guarantee zone 5 gardenia shrubs.

Gardenia plants usually grow from 2 to 12 ft tall and wide (60 - cm), depending on the variety. Blooming profusely over a long period of time extending from mid-spring to late summer or even fall, Gardenia flowers may be solitary or in small clusters, single, semi-double or double. Reaching up to 4 in. in diameter (10 cm), most flowers last.